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Dated: 04/11/2017

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Relocating is a big life decision for a family to make. Whether you are relocating to be closer to family, a new job or just starting over, the relocation process can be a lot of hard work. One that will require you (and your family) to find a new home, become familiar with your new environment, and build a new social network — all at the same time.

There are a lot of decisions that must be made for prior to a move in a short amount of time in regards to your new destination, including:

Which Realtor Should I Use?

What area do I want to live in?

Learn About Your New Environment

Before you move, if you have time to explore your new area, do so. Take time to explore neighborhoods, shopping areas, restaurants, etc. Exploring around the neighborhoods will give you a better idea of which area is best for you and your family.

If you’re not sure where to start, talk to people that live there already and read articles from local news outlets and blogs to get a true feel for the location. Take in as much information as you can to help transition you into a new lifestyle, environment and job.

If you’re relocating to the Chapel Hill area, Click Here for a list of great Chapel Hill Amenities andEntertainment.

Stay Organized

Moving to a new city can be very stressful. Staying organized will help manage your stress levels. Keep to-do lists, schedules, packing information, and any contact information for your current location and your new location that you will need handy.

Clean Out, Sell & Pack
Packing your house can be a long process, especially if you’ve been there for a long time. Start by cleaning out all the junk. Go through every room and make decisions to donate, trash, sell or pack.

When packing, be as organized as possible.

Start a packing timeline, so you are on track for moving day.

Stock up on packing materials. Try asking your local grocery stores if they have any boxes after restocking shelves. Other materials that are great to stock up on include newspaper, bubble wrap and old blankets!

Make sure to label boxes!

Try labeling them and using color-coded tape for each room!

Have an “Open First Box” for the day of your move. Include essentials for your first days/nights.

Places to donate your unwanted items:

Women’s Shelters




Salvation Army

Work with the RIGHT Team

Choosing the right real estate team will help create a smooth transition from your current city to your new city, as well as become a great starting support system for you and your family.

At Domicile Realty, each member of the our real estate team lives, works, and invests in our community. By living in the markets that we specialize in, we have first hand knowledge and answers to any questions you may ask.

Contact us today to assist you in relocating to the Chapel Hill and Raleigh-Durham real area!

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