Important Considerations For Leasing Office Space

Dated: 04/11/2017

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Getting a good office is an important step for any business, big or small. It’s the face you show to your employees and the world, a morale boost and a signpost.

It’s also not as simple as a place to stick a desk and some fake plants. Finding the right office can be a juggling act of priorities and availability. Here are some things to consider during your search, some obvious and some not so obvious.

Features That Matter

Here, you need to consider the kind of space your business needs. If you’re a small shop with a few people, you might not need your own meeting space, or can use a shared one. Likewise, huge corner offices and prime views may not be crucial if you have a small budget.

Instead, focus on amenities that directly benefit your bottom line. If a space includes maintenance or janitorial service, that can provide cost savings that matter much more.

Also consider amenities vital to your business. If you have a lot of virtual conferences or work with geographically disparate stakeholders, you want internet and tech that can stand up to your needs.

Client Use

If you entertain a lot of clients at the office, you’ll want a space you can be proud to show them. Office space is typically divided into three classes: A, B, and C. The quality ranks in descending order, and a client-facing business should absolutely spring for Class A. Class C space is cheap, but your employees might not appreciate it. Your wallet won’t either, if it needs renovations.

If you have a lot of appointments, having front desk reception can really streamline the process. Your clients will appreciate direction through a multi-tenant building!

Expansion vs. Current Need

This may be the most important consideration when leasing office space. While your company is a small business now, you should think about your long-term strategy. If you’re going to grow, will your space have room for it? If it doesn’t, you might need to move to an entirely new building…a process that you might regret. Likewise if you’re a lawyer or CPA, you can invest in a small but upscale space.

If you need help finding the perfect office space in the Triangle, we have some ideas,contact us today!

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