Creative Uses For A Spare Room

Dated: 01/16/2018

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Do you have some extra space? Maybe the kids have moved out, or you just got a good deal on more house than you thought you’d need. A spare room in your house can be the groundwork for a slew of fun and fulfilling projects. But before you go making just another computer room or office, think outside of the box! Here are some fun ways to put that spare room to good use.

Home Theater

Home theaters are typically seen as very exclusive, an excess that only mansion-owners can afford. But in the age of affordable electronics, building your own is surprisingly easy!

For a cheap and effective home theater, pick up a used computer at Goodwill and an affordable projector like this one. From there it’s just about finding seating and a suitable screen! Though pre-made screens exist, you can make your own for a fraction of the cost. Add a popcorn machine, blackout curtains and some favorite movie posters, and you’ve got easy Friday nights for the whole family.


A home gym is a great way to tackle that New Year’s Resolution without the gym membership, shared space, or social anxiety. You can go as simple as a yoga matt and some free weights, or install a wall-mounted rack with a bench.

There are some practical considerations for a home gym. For one, you need to be sure your walls have proper studs for anything mounted on them. Two, you may want to replace carpet or hardwoods with rubber tiles for better grip.

Crafting Room/Workshop

Love to make art? A spare bedroom is the perfect candidate for a workshop. A crafting table can be as simple as a fold-out from Walmart, something durable and easy to clean. Spare closets are ideal for organizing supplies, especially small items like thread, glue, and paint.

There are, of course, considerations for this type of room. Make sure the room has proper ventilation if your materials give off fumes, and consider replacing carpet with something fire and/or stain-resistant.

Want a home in the Triangle with space for projects like these? Domicile Realty knows the area like few others. Contact us today and let’s get you into the home of your dreams!

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