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It might seem like a good way to save that commission, but chances are you'll end up getting more money in the long run by listing with a real estate brokerage like Domicile Realty.

According to the National Association of Realtors, the typical FSBO sold for about $210,000.  A comparable home listed with a Realtor sold for almost $250,000.  When you account for a 6% commission, that's still an increase of $25,000 when you have an agent assist you.

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Why the difference?  An overwhelming number of buyers use real estate agents to help them purchase their home, and a real estate agent's go-to tool to search for homes is the MLS.  For Sale By Owner homes aren't included so you'd be left with a tiny fraction of the market even seeing your listing and your biggest draw is a sign in the front yard.

Aside from demand, listing a home is as much art as it is a science.  The contract to sell can be a legal headache, but it's one Realtors are trained to manage.  There's also pricing the home correctly by using a comparative market analysis.  Real estate agents have the tools to make sure you get what your home is worth, but not price it so high that it turns people away.  

We also know how to stage your home to sell.  Buyers need to walk in an imagine themselves in their own home - and a dark purple wall with a neon sign above the fireplace might distract them from doing that.

Thinking of selling this spring?  Let's start the process today.  Let me know about your home and let's set up a consultation to see what your home could be worth.

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Michael Cunningham

Michael Cunningham is a Real Estate Broker as well as the go-to tech and marketing wiz at Domicile Realty. A native of Tennessee, Michael arrived in Chapel Hill by way of Washington, DC where he help....

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